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dog anxiety vest
gray anti anxiety vest for dogs

Dog anxiety vest

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It's heartbreaking to see our beloved dogs whimper and tremble in fear during stressful moments. Unlike humans, dogs can be extra anxious as they are more sensitive to external stimuli. The harmless pounding of the rain, noise from the vacuum cleaner, or vet visits are scary and stressful to them. Big or small, no dog is immune to anxiety.

Fireworks are another source of stress for dogs. ALthough they might seem like fun to watch, all those loud explosions drive your pet crazy and make him want to hide under the bed.

Ease their struggle (and yours) with this Anxiety Soothing Doggy Vest. It is a drug-free and simple solution to calming anxious dogs. By applying gentle pressure on your dog's torso, this doggy vest mimics the effects of swaddling an infant or a comforting hug, giving your dog a warm sense of security. It is a recommended solution by thousands of vets around the world.


  • SIMPLE AND NATURAL - does not require any special training and keeps your dog drug-free.
  • MULTIPURPOSE - use for various stressful situations like during fireworks, storms, travel, vet visits, and many more. Sizes fit small and big dogs.
  • EASY TO WEAR AND REMOVE - velcro straps allow for easy wearing and removal, and for finding the comfortable pressure for your dog.
  • REFLECTIVE STRIP - keeps your dog visible in dark environments.

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